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In relation to video games: giving the feeling of nostalgia in a series full of nostalgia while keeping the gameplay fresh to the point it'll be remembered as nostalgia in it's own right and not a gimmick.
What is Nostalgic Progression:

-Super Mario Brother 1, 3 and Super Mario 64
-Metroid, Super Metroid, Metroid Prime
-Castlevaina, 3, 4, Symphony of the Night
-Legend of Zelda, Link to the Past, Ocarina, Majora's mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess

What isn't:

-Super Mario Sunshin
-Metroid Prime 2 Echos
-Any 3D Castlevaina released to date(6/25/2010)
-Zelda 2, Zelda's Adventure.
by KanameTousen June 25, 2010
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