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A Grub. Often found bustling in the undergrowth, searching for rotten leaves. Enjoys tricep dips. Often referred to as Noslen The Grub.
Here comes Noslen, I can hear him dipping furiously. What a grub.
by Ballbag21 May 14, 2015
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Noslen is a caring person who often looks down upon themselves even though they’re wonderful people. Although they don’t see it in themselves , Noslens are loving people who will accept you no matter what. However , if you mess with one you’ll regret it. Noslens are very attractive and whoever they choose to love is very lucky.
“Omg noslen is so cute
“Yeah.. i wish i could date a noslen.”
by user109572935 January 18, 2018
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A deep and soulful laugh. One that shows joy from the heart but also a grace and patience that comes from knowing the world. The laugh comes from deep inside and lightens the room.
There was a great number of Noslens during our family Thanksgiving dinner as we told old stories.
by ahhemitsme March 04, 2017
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