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A place of no service that is visited often. Also may be used when exiting a place of no service and entering a place with service. Often used to alert others via text message that you will not or could not text them back.
Sorry, I was in the noservicezone of my school, because that stupid teacher has a cell phone jammer.

I'm entering the noservicezone so I won't be able to reply. Sorry :/
by Sokennethwasall August 16, 2008
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A common place that often has no service.
Used when alerting people via text that you will have no service while you are in this place, and therefore, cannot respond.
Kenneth via text: "Hey, i'm entering the noservicezone. Sorry, i'll text you after."
Alex via text: "Okay!" (text message isn't received because of the nosservicezone)
by sokennethwasall October 08, 2008
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