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Norwich, placed in Northfield, VT, is a private military school filled with faux pride, rampant homosexuality, massive stick-up-the-ass syndrome, terrible internet, and the best prison-food you will ever eat.

The slogan "Norwich Forever" alludes to either the stids you will never get rid of, the financial ruin you can never recover from, or the horrid images you can never unsee.

Incidentally, you may want to sow a condom on your dick.
Cadet 1: Man, Norwich is so gay, I could roast marshmallows on these flames.
Cadet 2: Norwich forever, bro.

Professor: Why did you attend Norwich University?
Student: Uh, well, it's.... ugh, it's got my major? kind of? Uhm... I... uh... I don't really know.. Norwich, you know?
by thatswaggotcivi September 18, 2013
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