noun: Norwad or Norwads (plural)

Are a people. They are heavy set Norwegian women with apple bobbed hair cuts. They often work as a receptionist and can be defined as lawfully neutral. They will not make any exceptions to any rules and often make peoples lives difficult. If you have the unfortunate opportunity to have one as a health inspector or state inspector you will often see them come down judging any culture out side of their norm. They mostly populate Minnesota followed by wisconsin and Iowa but you can find them all across the USofA.

They also often talk extremly passive aggressively and enjoy answering back questions with long sighed OKKAAYs?

Some norwads have been spotted in movies and tv for instance the women in charge of rental cars in the movie "planes trains and automobiles" or the receptionist who asks if anyone has a case of the mondays in "office space". A famous norwad would also be Delores Umbridge from Harry Potter.
While 90% of Norwads are Norwegian decent many have been spotted to just be white. Norwegian is very different from Norwegian decent.
person1: Everytime I tried to explain my situation she either responded "Okaayy?" Or "sorry sweetie but I dont make the rules"
person2: Wow sounds like a total Norwad. .
by therenowitsart September 04, 2014
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