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The Northside of Atlanta is a section of Metro Atlanta that include parts of Gwinnett and Cobb County.Over the last ten years there has been a extreme growth of black people in these areas due to the migration to Atlanta amoungst blacks.The Northside is a movement growing largely amoungst the younger generations in these areas.Although alot of areas north of the city have many white people and nice homes,deaths gangs shootings and drugs are all prevelant in some of these areas.In Gwinnett County areas like Norcross,lilburn,and Lawrenceville are considered the Northside of Atlanta(EX.singleton rd,beaver ruin,pleasantdale, peachtree corners, jimmy carter.In Cobb county areas like marietta and smryna are the same(lemon street,franklin road,delk road, and all of smyrna.In Gwinnett County you have many different cliques that push for the Northside movement one being OSDL(ONLY SOLDIERS DIE LEGENDS),Where leader Cheeto Gambine confronted YOUNG JEEZY for not mentioning the Northside in his hit single "put on",it was then JEEZY put the Northside on in his remix version.Both Gwinnett and Cobb are pushing this Northside Movement to another level and will soon make it a respectable part of Atlanta.Until then it will always be tention with other areas who look at the Northside as lame and rich.When in all actually these areas have many blacks who are either section 8 or middle class single parent hoomes.
ay folk,where you stay?
i stay in Northside Atlanta...Stupid Nawfside,85 NORTHBOUND!!!
by bjizzle127 October 20, 2008
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