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student who spent some years at Northern Lehigh High School and went over to actually really graduate at Northampton Area Senior High School. Students that seemingly express graduation out of honesty and dignity are considered actual, nonfourged graduates. Opposed to a fourged Northern Lehigh Graduate is one who went through with, the fake northern lehigh, they whom stole their name from Walnutport, Northampton County, Never Lacking self discipline, never minority, never behave ravagely and willl not expose themself to acts of obaminableness in the world becoming as opposed to northern lehigh. Pennsylvanians
The Northern Lehigh Graduates include, Tyler Benzaro, katie smithfield, Ashley Keeds, Carmen Neidsro, Courtny Mitka, Tiffany houser, Catherine Gouzzy and Philip Rengerdo.

The Northern Lehigh Graduates saved the meaning of Graduate for Northern Lehigh through completing all years in school fair and proper..
by valleygirlmuatoday May 23, 2010
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