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Today in England a divide exists between the people of the North and those who live in the South. The divide remains prevalent due, in part, to the differing customs of the two groups of people. This particular custom originated from the North of England and was designed by a northern man known as Sir Walter Markham of Whitby, in the year 1479.

The only other piece of information you need know is that northern people love to eat gravy. Loads of the stuff.

1. Find a girl that is a squirter
2. Initiate the Northern Delight by inserting a handful of granulated gravy in to her vagina
3. Sexually arouse her using the cunnilingus technique until she 'squirts' gravy all over your excited little face
I'm not hungry, I've already had my fill of Northern Delight" OR "my tongue hurts, I had to work for my gravy last night with our Jade the squirter
by pattena69 May 05, 2011
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