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North Walsham was discovered in 1912 by Lord Stephen of Fry who quickly established the first settlement as a living morgue. Found in the county of Norfolk (which was originally situated in the North of England, it was moved to the East of England in 1859 1/2. This was to stop people having to pass through it by accident.)

North Walsham is now a town sort of near the county's largest village of Norwich where many of North Walsham's citizens where born and subsequently banished from. North Walsham is also sort of near Cromer and less sort of near, yet still not too not near the town of Great Yarmouth.

Twinned with the town of Frieseniesenegeisenmeiseniederied somewhere not in Norfolk, people from both towns visit their respective twin town to show off their caravans and drinking skills along with some good old fashioned Molly Dancing.
Yo bled, I'd rather go to good ole' North Walsham than get crabs at Cromer!
by Home Guard July 11, 2010
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