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Somewhat of a suburb to the Pacific Northwest city of Vancouver. It is across the water to the north and deserves its own name but for some reason has to settle with North Van. It's very different than the city, especially higher up where I live - the air is fresh and the mountains are your backyard. And plus it actually snows quite a bit in the winter so you can experience all the seasons.
North Vancouver is way better than the city, all my friends live here.
by Shmilk September 28, 2006
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North Vancouver is a mix of industrial, residential and commercial area's. In general poorer people live closer to the water, where the industry and railroads are present. Lonsdale Avenue is the main drag where there's many poor quality restauraunts and small businesses. On east 15th street Dr. Pollock circumcises the local babies, while a few blocks away the well-heeled Christan youth study the bible at STA. Owning a 3 series BMW with an 'N' is the greatest symbol of status in North Vancouver. Unfortunately the vast majority of such people are foreigners who don't give a shit about our country. At the local gym's there's dozen's of Iran's who form their own isolated cliques. On the street's there's a variety of local's and poorer outsourced workers. Parent's usually prefer rearing their young here as opposed to Surrey or Richmond. North Vancouver children in the upper echelons of Grouse Mountain rarely encounter domestic violence or hard drugs, as is the norms across the Iron Workers bridge. North Vancouverite's generally have inner longings of living in the British Properties, but are unable to afford the switch. In summary, North Vancouver is a community about lousy transit, large and exclusive Asian and Iranian clique's and wimpy children who live a sheltered existence. It is highly advised for newcomer's to live as far away from the water as possible. The waterfront is known for aboriginal drunkeness, suburban single parent raised youth, whom ride the buses and create a micky-mouse lifestyle of rap and punk music, are unable to afford private trasnportation due to smoking and marijuana usage, they create a hostile environment outside large establishments. The lack of bus service and commercial buildings makes moving up the hill common sense for educated people. Expect to have you're vehicle vandalized if you park in suspect neighborhoods. It should also be noted that there are many foreign drivers with Toyota's with tissueboxes in the rear. These drivers are easily distracted and offten fail to see pedestrians or other cars. North Vancouver is devoid of any clubs, which is part of the problematic environment for many of the ghetto youth's. Living in North Vancouver is a mistake unless you move right up the mountain. Otherwise, West Vancouver and Lionsbay are preferable to individuals who prefer to live with the creme de la creme.
North Vancouver kid's have no balls compared to Whalley kids. In reality most of them only have stuffy noses and soiled underpants.
please ignore north vancouver
by Mike Trudeau December 02, 2006
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