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North Toronto C.I is the "private school" of public schools. 95% of the students are rich white kids that think they are "above" a private school education. Teachers don't care abt you but will still make you feel like shat if you don't do well. Well known for their hard academics and shitty ass sports teams. Majority of kids from this school wish they went to Branksome, BSS, smc, and ucc but at the same time don't want to fall to the level of paying for your grades. Most kids enjoy getting too drunk on the weekends and seshing just meters from the school. They all just want to fit in but suck very badly at it. They enjoy spending 70$ a week on lunch and ditching school 50% of the time. Nt ppl r pretty dope but feel like everyone else thinks they aren't, which is kinda true.
Girl: I go to North Toronto C.I
Guy who doesn't go to nt: I've never met anyone from there who tf r u and what is ur school
by doitforjokes January 12, 2017
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