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A Hip Hop group residing in Pickering, Ontario, Canada which was form in 2004. North Sentral contains three members, Young Stitch, Explicit, Hazzy, and Graffic their producer. Known for there amazing lyricism, charisma, and energy, they are said to be the next big thing in the music industry.

In 2007 Young Stitch & Explicit won a world wide contest to work with Breal of Cypress Hill on his debut Compilation "The Harvest" Which has still yet to be released due to his latest album "Smoking Mirrors" & the newest Cypress Hill Album.

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Holy crap, these guys North Sentral are fucking amazing, Urban dictionary wasn't lying! (Trust me, there not)

I can't believe North Sentral gang banged my chick, and to think i was gonna marry that hoe.
by Repersentative March 21, 2010
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