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The northern section of Leominster, MA that borders the Fitchburg airport. Full of mostly retired white people, some apartments, and about 3 convenience stores. The west half is pretty low-middle class, and the east half is straight up rich. Lots of criminals come here because of almost 0% police presence. Lots of 18-25 year old walk around getting into trouble, and have keggers in the many woods to choose from. Daily activities include hitting up Cumby's for a white owl and walking for 49 seconds before someone you know calls you from across the street. Everyone either spends the whole day on the streets or getting a buzz from whatever they can find. Pretty much a dead town.
There's a couple places to find people.

1. King's Corner
2. Main St.
3. Any patch of woods
4. train tracks
5. infront of an abandoned building
ex. 1 "Damn this neighborhood sucks, I hate North Leominster"

ex. 2 "Lets hit up NLEO theres never popes(cops) up there"
by birdmamma December 09, 2010
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