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A village in Kane County in the far west suburbs of Chicago, directly north of Aurora, Illinois which in many ways is its master and primary patron. Aurora has absorbed its northern neighbor's school distinct and has been utterly opposed to any attempts by the village at creating their own high school or middle school, as it would result in loss of funds. The village of approximately 10,500 people as of the 2000 census is composed of mostly white upper-middle class families.

Its main function is to act as a gang buffer against Aurora's poor east side so that townspeople in Batavia, Geneva, and Saint Charles can sleep well at night. The western frontier of North Aurora serves to insulate the population of the Chicago suburbs to the east from the incestuous, backwater rednecks of the West.
The village is also home to a notorious dam on the Fox River which serves to eliminate really stupid people from the overall population by drowning their dumb ass after they try negotiating the ten foot drop in a canoe or kayak.
The village is also home to an extremely bored police force who in the absence of any real criminal activity, pull people over for going 2mph over the speed limit or on suspicion of being a teenager.
I'd go to North Aurora tonight, but there's really absolutely nothing of any sort of entertainment value in that town.
by Big Man Chief April 03, 2011
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