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1.The North Part of Lindenhurst. In Lindenhurst definitions people stated that LINDENHURST should not be confused with NORTH LINDENHURST but we are just different parts which make up one town but North Lindenhurst is not part of the village but we share the same area code and go to the same schools.

2.When your a kid you go to William Rall Elementary.

3.The Working Class Part of town.

4.The "Ghetto" of Lindenhurst.

5.Is more racially mixed than all the other parts of Lindenhurst.

6.BTW there are very few emos and not many scene kids here also there are not many juggalos.

7.I believe that our crime rate is a bit higher than other parts of Lindenhurst also unfortunently there is a rather high amount of sex offenders living here.
#1- We are not part of the village of Lindenhurst.
#2- I went to William Rall School as a little kid.
#3-I'm from North Lindenhurst I'm not some well off guy.
#4-Kids from other parts of Lindenhurst who call us this are either pussy or clearly never been to any ghettos.
#5-There is a fairly large hispanic population here and most black people of Lindenhurst live here.
#6- Doesn't sound like a bad place.
#7-Being that not everyone is well to do this is expected but those sex offenders should get beat in prison.
by NorthLindyGuy July 15, 2009
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