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A town also known as Swindlehurst, Lindy is a south-shore town populated mostly by obnoxious Italian girls with fake tans, long hair, large gold hoop earrings, and boyfriends with Mustangs and mob connections. Lindenhurst is also known as the town where you can smoke muscle relaxers in your weed without people thinking you're weird.
My cousin lives in Lindenhurst- she hangs out in King Kullen and smokes pot with her mom every Thursday night.
by Meghan Q. February 10, 2006
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Large town in Suffolk county on long island, founded by Nazis, often called Lindy-which is what u call some1 from Lindenhurst. Made up of the Village of Lindenhurst, North Lindenhurst, and Venetian Shores-Do NOT confuse VENICE (which is part of Copiague, just with the 11757 Zip Code) with VENETIAN Shores (which is technically West Babylon, but with Lindenhurst Schools and ZIP Code). There are also some dumbasses who call the area of the Village south of Montauk Hwy "South Lindenhurst". Overall population is about 40-45,000. Lindenhurst is about 80% white, but don't let that fool you into thinking we're not diverse, as almost 1/3 of those whites are 1st or 2nd generation immigrants that speak polish, Ukrainian, or even Italian at home. The rest is split between white trash, upper middle class people, sk8er bois, and poor-but-prep people. Then its 10% hispanic. The remaining 10% is made-up of Haitians, Africans, Turkish, Indians, and Asians.

Lindenhurst holds the record for most bars per person of any town! We also have a lot of homes divided into apartments (especially North Lindenhurst), hence the name Swindlehurst, but it's nothing like Venice in Copiague.
Oh and we have like no SiDEWALKS!!!!
Lindenhurst = Brooklyn with trees and without sidewalks


Massapequan in Lindy: sup my white homie u juz like me.

Random Lindy: *something polish*

Massapequan: the fuck...


Little kid on Halloween: Mommy, mommy I wanna go trick-or-treating!

Mom: I don't think so honey, since this town has no sidewalks and areas thar do are full of pedophiles.
by Person102297 December 27, 2011
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A suburban town on Long Island near the border of Suffolk and Nassau counties. Many residents are well off and live in pleasant & affluent neighborhoods, with an excellent school system compared to the neighboring towns.

North Lindenhurst should not be confused with Lindenhurst. They only share schools.
Kid: Hey where do you live?
Person: Lindenhurst!
Kid: Very nice, you must be pretty well off!
Person: Indeed, most people are.
by WMontclair May 18, 2009
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