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North End Middle School is a school in Waterbury Ct. Half of the school students are from Puerto Rico and the other half of are from ghetto ass parts of New York(bronx,queens) all of the kids in the school think they hood and like to flex with fake designers even though they all live in the projects and their fathers don't pay child support and their mothers either run a bodega or work at McDonald's. They're different cliques in the school such as:the kids who think they in hardcore gangs, the kids that where actually born in Waterbury and try to fit in with the kids from the (Bronx) to make them look cool,the fortnite addicts, the dominican (hoes),the bilinguals, the white bitches that claim their Hispanic,etc. And as for the education taught here,the chorus teacher was a pedophile, the gym teachers homophobic,red house don't learn shit and the test scores are the lowest in the state
I go to North End Middle School and the chorus teacher try to grab my ass
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by Shithéad June 23, 2018
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Let me tell ya about north end. It’s not even half bad ya niggas jus don’t know how to act like tf. Lemme tell ya hear 7th graders think they the shii especially red house like they go out with someone then he next day they dating someone else, blue house is dumb asf,got niggas jerkin themselves off and gold house is actually chill but that girl jaylee confused!!!! So yea that’s 7th grade
North end middle school the shii
by Glllttt powwww June 14, 2018
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Don't go to North End the teacher are just trash, they are always on u gor no god damn reason! Mr. Simpson can suck my dick, and Mrs gilmore Idk. All the black girls in this school are musty, dusty and crusty! They be smellin like a hobo's ass hole. And all the boy obviously never used deodorant cuz they also fuckin musty. And lastly all the boys need to pull up their pants cuz no girl wants to see ur ugly boxers or short so pull them up fag and y'all need to stop where fake gucci. How do u sag wit a belt? Dumbass
North End middle school
by I love urban June 13, 2018
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All I’m gonna say is the whole school can burn in hell and the school is full of thots wanna be New Yorkers so bad wanna be gangster ass niggas and the teachers weirdos asf and just to sum it up half the people in the school ain’t shit period. Oh and if u like fighting over ain’t shit niggas north end is the school to go to.
I wanna learn how to be a fake gangster/thot
Oh just go to north end middle school.
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by Niggasandbitchesaintshit April 16, 2019
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