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The one and only woman you will ever need. A loyal friend. An awesome individual to have by your side. Don't piss her off though, if you betray her trust it's curtains for you. Don't hurt the people she cares about & then wonder how come she hurt you so bad. You did it! She is forgiving if you apogize but it has to be sincere. No Faker's allowed. A committed partner when committed to. Can see through fake B.S. like looking through glass. Love her or leave her the option is yours. Remember if you leave it was your doing, no crying later. Her brown eyes may seem innocent enough but they have wittinessed more pain than most people go through in 5 lifetimes! Once you have fallen in love with her there is no turning back, keep that in mind and don't break your own heart. Some make dislike her and she is okay with that. Norma Sue knows that the ones who speak the most negatively of her, are the ones that hate themselves and the way their pathetic lives turned out. Always use caution when you approach her you never know what kind of mood she may be in, or was she knows about you. She talks too much sometimes but doesn't reveal half of what is really going through her mind. Try to forgive her if she offends you personally and you are not present to understand her passion, a lot of times she is only speaking in anger those closest to her no and understand this. She will make you laugh, she will make you cry, & she will go out of her way to help you once she Love's you.
I wish I had a Norma Sue of my very own.
by Norma Sue December 21, 2016
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