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In the game of Four Square, Nora's Law dictates that when a player is gotten out because another player hit the ball very hard, the player who hit the ball hard has to go get it.

(Otherwise, it is usually the player who is out who has to go get the ball.)

The rationale behind this, is that hitting the ball hard like that makes it go hella far away, and is also somewhat dishonorable. Thus those who do such a thing should have to atone for their action by running and getting the ball.

This law also helps to reduce the frequency of players hitting the ball hard like that, allowing for a more enjoyable game.
In practice, the phrase "Nora's Law" is simply yelled out by other players, indicating that whomever hit the ball must go get it.

For Example:
Player 2 hits ball hella hard, getting Player 3 out. Ball bounces 50 feet away.

Player 3 yells "Nora's Law!" indicating that they are not responsible for getting the ball, since Player 2 hit it so far. Other players may also yell "Nora's Law!" in support of Player 2.

Player 2 must now go and get the ball.
by deriv October 23, 2009
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