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Also known as the Innermonologue gleefully acting young syndrome or "IMGAY" for short; A distortion of brain activity brought on by excessively drinking shots of whiskey and chasing them with shots of oil based paint, hits of 40x salvia, and huffing springtime meadows frebreze until the users legs give way.

Symtoms include laughing excessively at ones own vomit and then eating it; piercing of the gentials with household wares; and a generally proud demeaner about ones own stupidity.

There is no cure for Noodle Complex and since it is such a rare ailment, not much research or investigation has been conducted to discover a method to reduce the effects. To add to the plight, doctors often misdiagnose the problem as the "you dare me to do it syndrome" but the clear distinction between the two is that N.C. leads to homosexual tendencies whereas the latter does not.
Noodle Sundrome affects all races, classes, and both genders. However adolescents and young adults, particularly middle class caucasion fraternity members are at a dramatic increase of risk.
Jim..."Have you noticed how strange Josh has been acting?"
Shawna..."Yeah! he kidnapped the naighbors dog and is forcing him to slide down the hill on a stolen stop sign, I think hes on something strange."
Jim..."I wander if he might have Noodle Complex?"
by dr know nothing April 19, 2010
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