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A greasy snatchbox that is so blown out, a boner that’s not even turned on will just fall inside and get trapped like some fucked up Venus fly trap. Only way it’s possible to fuck a skank with a noodle canoe is to throw on some 3D glasses and send a prayer up to Jesus.

When a guy goes to jail, he has to prison pocket it, when natural born females go to jail they noodle canoe it.
‘She has the most gnarly noodle canoe I have ever seen, I even tried to take a marshmallow on a stick, in the middle of the winter, and I still couldn’t fuck it,

You forgot 3D glasses, you can’t fuck that noodle canoe, it ain’t happening, I don’t give a fuck. Gonna have to play in the mud and go for the backdoor.

Bro 1:How did you get that gallon of vodka into the club??
Bro 2:Rachel noodle canoed it, duh you cockfag. She brought some red bulls too you fucking retard, why don’t you just go home so I don’t have to listen to your dumbass questions

Dude 1: What’s a noodle canoe?
Dude 2: Look it up on urban dictionary you Lazy fheg!
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by Proudboyaz March 04, 2018
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