Noobspeak an online typing style, it is similar to l33tspeak or leetspeak, except that it is done to save effort, where leetspeak is done to look cool, both are considered noobish by most experienced online metagamers, bloggers, formers, etc.

Noobspeak is usually replacing words with shorter versions, possibly including numbers, that pronounce similar or the same.

Leetspeak replaces individual letters that look similar to the original, not based on pronunciation.
I want you to teach these people how to play, because there is no one else available who knows how to play to do it.


i want u 2 teach these ppl how 2 play cuz there is no1 else available who nos how 2 play 2 do it

The bellow is not noobspeak, it is leetspeak, do not confuse the two:

1 w@nt y0u 0o t3@ch th3s3 p30p13 h0w t0 pl@y, b3c@u$3 th3r3 i$ n0 0n3 3ls3 @v@1l1bl3 wh0 kn0w$ h0w t0 pl@y t0 d0 1t.
by MasterOfTheHeavenAboveTheStars October 14, 2009