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Almost undefinable... Located outside of Sebastopol, CA in the tiny town of Graton, it is at the end of a dirt road passing llamas, emus and peacocks. The teachers treat the kids as equals, and every one is called by their first names. There is no censorship. People are allowed to be themselves to the fullest extent. There is no such thing as cliques; the school is never more than 70 children.They call each other family. They go to school on seven acres of forest and fields. There is also a creek, which can be swam in during the spring. They go on field trips and camping trips. On Easter, they wrestle in a mud pit and have an egg hunt. The students learn from the teachers, the teachers learn from the students. It is unlike any other school you have ever seen. Kids and teachers from Analy and El Molino beg to differ. They think that all they do is smoke weed with the teachers; they are VERY wrong. Don't believe any bullshit rumor you hear about Nonesuch. Experience it for yourself! Est, 1970.
You wish you were a part of the NSK!!!

Aww man, I wish I went to Nonesuch.
by lilaxx January 16, 2009
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