Nonesense as distinguished from nonsense is when a person says something that appears at first glance to make sense, but in fact does not. Perfect nonesense is a circular sentence that creates a spinning sensation in the mind of the listener, from which the only escape is to move onwards to avoid focusing on what is actually being said.

Nonesense may be skillfully employed to give the impression that meaningful comments or thoughts are being contributed.

Used by politicians to induce slow-witted journalists with tight deadlines to quote them.

See also: weasel words
Politician: "Being a really small country, especially after the financial crisis, we saw the world is connected - all intertwined. Our problems do not just affect us locally, they affect us globally."

TV Anchor:"So there you have it folks, our problems affect us globally....back with more news later on."

TV Viewer:"What did he say?"
TV Viewer 2: "Um....seems like nonesense."
by Jurgen222 February 16, 2010
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