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To be exhibiting a state similar to intoxication without the use of alcohols or similar soporifics. It is defined by having little to no social filter, finding oneself humorous when in fact they may even be obnoxious, and/or acting much more boisterous than usual.
i.e. The qualities of someone who's had one too many at the pub.

Similar to being, "Wired-Tired", it generally becomes apparent when an individual is mentally exhausted, but is not yet acting tired. Often this can be due to exhaustion paired with caffeine intake.
"I'm drunk without the need for soporifics because the amazing numbing feeling of actively losing mental capacity is doing a phenomenal job of throttling my temporal lobe's functionality to have a tighter bandwidth than Ace Ventura's park jobs between Your Mom St. and This Dick Ave."
First usage of, "Nondrunk" before coinage of the term on this website.
by HawkeyeOfMine February 18, 2019
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