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1) Non pornographic material that is used in erotic context.
2) Pretending to have sex / dry humping.
1) John is a porn addict who wants to overcome his addiction, so he masturbates over noncore porn, usually a blank computer screen.
2) I wanted to impress my friends at a house party by seducing a hot chick, so I locked myself into a room with her and we had noncore sex while my friends listened behind the door.
by Cherryman3 November 19, 2016
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In terms of musical and fashion style, the antithesis of hardcore. To be noncore one must embody everything that is not hardcore.
Noncore people never exclusivly wear torn jeans and black band t-shirts that are too small. A male example of noncore would never wear womens jeans, as opposed to current fashion trend.
by Jem0771 September 07, 2006
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