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Non-Verbal Learning Disorder also called NLD or NVLD is a learning disability where you have defecits in fine motor skills, visual spacial skills and social skills. You are really bad at math, science and organization.

When you have Non Verbal Learning Disorder, some of the areas you struggle in are:

You have bad handwriting, it takes you a long time to tie your shoe, you are bad at drawing and bad at arts and crafts and jewelery and art, anything to do with fine motor skills.

You are clumsy, you bump into things, you spill things, you knock things over, you trip and fall, you get lost, you are bad at driving, you have terrible organization. You have poor visual memory.

You are very bad at math and science and arithmetic.

You have awkward physical coordination and may say or do something socially awkward.

You are often thought of as irresponsible or disorganized.

You learn verbally, so your nonverbal skills are weak.
Sally had poor handwriting and organization because she had defecits in fine motor skills and visual spatial skills because of NVLD, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder.
by PrincessMoon1 November 28, 2009
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