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A fad Mormon "holiday" invented by two suburban Connecticut teens (by accident) when a post on MLIA made it up and two random girls (not associated with the creators) created a Facebook page for it spreading the once inside joke to the nation.

(MLIA post number: 212321)

This "holiday" is celebrated after Christmas on the 27th (not the 28th) of December and when on Sunday you celebrate Nomrom Eve on the 26th of December. This holiday celebrates the plain happiness virtually all Mormons exhibit in everyday life.

You don't have to be Mormon to celebrate Nomrom.
Nomrom is obviously a joke because it is "Mormon" spelled backwards. The whole fad started by the two of them wishing they had a Mormon holiday to take off school from.
The founders are a guy and girl in CT.

Their website for their holiday is coming soon so everyone can know what Nomrom is and how to celebrate it.

The people who made up Nomrom intended it to be an inside joke but NOW because of those two girls on Facebook, it is now an emerging fad. Green jello was never part of the holiday but was added by the Facebook group.
Random person at school: Hey, you're Mormon, right? Do you guys celebrate Christmas?

Mormon: Ha ha ha. Nope we celebrate Nomrom. LOL. But, it's on Sunday this year. Wanna come and celebrate Nomrom Eve on the 26th at my house?
by xtasy171 November 27, 2009
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