The sound and process itself of slapping together ones ass cheeks to make a clapping sound (usually directed at women), popularized by the UTP song, "Nolia Clap", named after the New Orleans Magnolia housing projects.
If you're a chickenhead in the club and you want to get down then twirk that ass and do the nolia clap.
by aempirei December 21, 2004
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when a chick slaps her ass cheeks together
an she doin the nolia clap without usin' her hands.
Do It - Ying Yang Twins
by AkumaGouki December 5, 2004
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The plea it would be most hilarious for a person to enter at their drug trafficking arraignment.
Tron Carter entered a plea of nolia proquiqui at his cocaine delivery arraignment Friday morning.
by IdjutsAllDay October 14, 2010
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