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1)Nogress- A state of play where something should have been achieved but hasn't been.
I.e the opposite of progress.

2)A negative state in which expectations have not been met.

3) A social networking status expressing one's feelings of failure.
1)Manager- How are you getting on with the filing?

Employee- I'm making Nogress.

2)Friend 1 - How's life dude

Friend 2 - I'm Making Nogress

3) Nogress
by Touch Da Beast July 18, 2010
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When no progress is made.

The act of not progressing
"I tried talking some sense into Trump today, but nogress was made."
"Yo.. ahm too drunk to climb deez stairs righ now. I'm just going to nogress here for a few hours til I can stand up."
by Basque JRED August 18, 2017
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