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A private school in Dedham, MA, whose student body is not immune to the entitled nature that plagues many students at other ISL schools. That said, the students at Nobles have many redeeming qualities, including a "Noble" competitive spirit that compels them not to stoop to the same levels as some other students in the ISL. Although a rivalry with Milton Academy exists, it is generally the Milton students that resort to un-sportsman-like conduct (we, however, are intelligent enough to understand the irony of this statement).

There is a large population of preppy people at Nobles, as is to be expected, and though definite social cliques do exist, there are some who find it possible to socialize with members of all social divisions. They are unspeakably chill individuals.

While the school has an obvious bias towards sports, and it seems that all of the self-dubbed "popular" people play sports, the administration is attempting to shift this focus by building a new arts center. Only time will tell what happens to the social aspect of this sports focus.

The school is occasionally (well, often) accused of being too politically correct, but honestly, one would find that anywhere. Teachers, as a general rule, are very liberal. After all, teachers do not make money, and it is really only the disgustingly wealthy or the grossly uneducated that become Republicans. Suffice it to say, teachers are neither.

The school is also in posession of a castle. That just sort of trumps everything.
"Wow, the students at the Noble and Greenough School are wicked smart! When creating an Urban Dictionary entry on a rival school, they actually took the time to spell that school's name right!"
by Paquita and Manks December 21, 2005
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