Has a Spanish speaking parent(s) but never uses the right word in Spanish or just straight up doesn’t know the right word when explaining something.
For example ,Alejandra tries to explain to her dad she’s embarrassed. Alejandra says “Papa estoy embarazado.” Papa says “Que dices cabrona, estas embarazada.” Alejandra responds “NO come se dices , esque no sabo.” -No sabo kid
by Castrobaby August 6, 2021
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you say spanish words wrong, and say the spanglish version of them.
normally spanish kids who don't practice their spanish, or who don't know how to speak Spanish are a no sabo kid.

don't be a no sabo kid.
no sabo que estas hacideno? - no sabo kid
by grim69 May 8, 2021
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Is a derogatory term to define a person, who's family is of a Hispanic/Latino decent, who isn't able to speak Spanish.
What? You can't Speak Spanish? What a typical No Sabo Kid. Why don't you speak Spanish, was is because your parents were lazy and couldn't teach you, or are you trying too hard to be "white"?
by Fiddllddy September 21, 2023
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That one Spaniard brat which says they go to Spanish school but can’t even understand other Spanish accents from South America.

Reason for the name "no sabo" - kid is since instead of correctly saying I dont know in Spanish , they say "no sabo".
"Anna, don’t you also have hispanic parents?"
"I do!"
"AY, hablemos en español juntas!"
"Yo no sabo."

"Vete, huevona de mierda. GUYS, ANNA IS A NO SABO KID!!"
by lesbiancigarettelover February 13, 2022
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A kid (usually of mexican descent) that when is asked to speak spanish they reply with you guessed it... "yo no sabo". One of the worst kind of Mexican disgraces known to man.
Hispanic Mom: Hey Edgar, contestame en español.

Edgar: "Yo no sabo"
Hispanic Mom: Salte de mi casa. AHORITA CHINGADA MADRE!!

Ex. Edgar your such a yo no sabo kid.
by MonkeyBalls5667 November 15, 2021
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