Chinese, named by Thai netizens after Wu Maos who spammed "nmsl" (Chinese: 你媽死了, i.e. your mother died) when they couldn't win an argument over Twitter.
A: CCP is the best!
B: How about 4th June, 1989?
A: nmsl
B: Ah,Nmslese at it again.
by Mustang_00 April 12, 2020
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Random guy on the internet: Taiwan is a beautiful country.
by mariotaku April 13, 2020
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Nmslese is an offensive name used by some people in Hongkong and Taiwan to insult Chinese.

First, when a few impolitic mainland Chinese and Hongkong people argue for some political ideas on twitter, mainland Chinese use nmsl (an abbreviation of your mother shall die) and Hongkong people use “diu nei lou mou (you are a motherfucker, dllm)" to curse each other.

Then some Hongkong people and Taiwanese use "nmslese" to make fun of the impolitic mainland Chinese. Soon after, they enlarge the scope of the word and use "nmslese" to insult all patriotic Chinese when debating with politic and rational Chinese.
-Chinese person: Hongkong is a part of China
-Impolite Hongkong person: Go away and eat shit, you Wumao! Hongkong Independence!
-Chinese person: Everybody knows Hongkong is a Special Administrative Region of China. Just check a random map.
-Impolite Hongkong person: Fuck you nmslese! You are brainwashed by the Communist Party of China. Take your salary and get out! Trump and England will support us.
by dddhape May 25, 2020
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