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An awesome girl who is both beautiful and smart. She loves being called pretty but will never believe it. Shes not always right, but hates admitting that shes wrong. Shes almost always smiling, but its not always real. She can be read like an open book, but hides so much. She works hard at things, but dosent always get what she deserves. She can be moody and sensitive, but if shes having a good day, then she can be the most enjoyable person you've ever met! She loves to play soccer so much that she carries a soccer ball everyday. She is a trustable person and if you tell her a secret she will keep it to herself. She is a friendly girl that if you annoy her one day, she will forgive you staright away. She's just an amazing person to talk to! Hug one and tell her so today!
Njood is awesome
by Princess Njoodi June 26, 2015
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