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Nishank is different, especially when his name means having the mark of the night upon him or being fearless. Both of which help describe the person, the vast emptiness of night is just like this person, he is mysterious and tells you not to worry about anything because he always has things figured out in his head, but will not tell you what is on his mind. This person always has things thought out with almost every conclusion in his head, and almost always expects anything. Sometimes Nishank can be a very scary or mysterious person.
Jeez! How did that kid see that ball coming, its like he is Nishank.
by aguythatknowsanishank May 19, 2018
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A neurotic, maniacal piece of shit. A guy who should probably be tied and thrown off a bridge simply because of how dumb he is. Spews shit from both ends, the rear AND his mouth. Nishaunk is cannon.
Man that Nishank is such a dick.
by ShirazuShirazu April 11, 2017
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