A unofficial recording of a Nirvana concert or demo session Nirvana bootlegs have been around since the beginings of the band including Kurts first session with his pre Nirvana band " Fecal Matter" to Nirvana's first live show to thier very last show before Kurt died these recording are usealy either traded or copied from fan to fan & the artwork & recording quality can range from fantastic & very simaler or better than a official Nirvana release to good artwork & ok sound quality to incredable bad artwork & shitty non digital recording quality almost every Nirvana concert has surfaced & is avalible for tradeing or for sale within the Nirvana fan community but there are still many demos & sessions that remaine unsurfaced
Noisemaker, Roma, Suicide Solution?,Outcestidie & Into The Black are all great Nirvana bootlegs
by Mr.KurdtKobain October 26, 2010
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