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Pronounced "nippol pinchie" or just "nipple pinchie" while frowning with mouth and smiling with eyes and using a high pitched tone/baby talk (replacing r's with w) in preceding sentences.

A nipple pinchie is when someone twists a persons nipples to produce pleasurable pain in sexual circumstances. It is the same as a nipple twist or a blue tit only that it's an easier term to use when asking for someone to twist your nipples since the ridiculous sounding nature and seeming whimsicality of the word gives opportunity for a segue from being serious to pretending to be joking if used with the right pronunciation . That way you can always say that you were just kidding if the girl you're with isn't into that kind of shit.
In bed.
Mike: Babe, Im hungwy fow youw lowe. Give nipple pinchie?
Angela: Are you serious?
Mike: Pfft, of course not. (segue)
by Nipplepinchie November 19, 2014
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