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The spherical, bouncy objects on the front of a womans chest. It carries milk, fat and veins in a way a bag might. At the front of this bag, is the entrance to these magical objects. This entrance, is a round pink circle on the centre of the bouncy bag. Some have named these pink circles 'nipples' a nickname coined in the iron ages. Therefore, this magical object has adopted the name 'nipple bags'.
My girlfriend has perky, bouncy, succulent, nipple bags. I love to motor boat them.
by boobyking December 17, 2011
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No one is really sure what a nipple bag really is,

it is either a bag made of human nipples or bag meant to contain nipples.

or even a bag of nipples made to contain nipples,
Friend 1: Man where is my nipple bag

Friend 2: wait, what is that

Friend 1: it the bag i use for ........
by DwonkyC August 06, 2011
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