The hardest, most durable material known to mankind, discovered by nintendo for usage in their console, the Nintendo Entertainment System (Also known as: NES). Its manufacturing process was perfected sometime before the creation of the Gameboy by Gunpie Yokoi, Nintendo's hardware genius, or "mad scientist", who invented many miraculous toys for children and adults alike, though many would argue they were meant for children.

Since the birth of the Nintendo 64 (IE, N64), Nintendium has become harder to produce or find, as the quality of the Nintendium used in the Nintendo DS (IE, NDS) and Wii (IE, Nintendo Wii?) have been reasonably weaker than their predecessors, though the WiiMote has been known to resist bullets, fly straight through Television Screens, and cause injuries when thrown, and is considered to be encased in the purest, most refined Nintendium seen since Gunpie Yokoi left Nintendo and died.
An asteroid of pure Nintendium is coming towards the earth... We're doomed!!!!!!
by Zixaphir Modnar November 23, 2006
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