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(n)A very self-critical, nerdy yet fashionable, smart-but-won't-admit-it-because-they-get-too-embarrased, artsic-in-all-aspects, freak that is overly nice and says "sorry" over the littlest things (unless her temper flares--then beware), and COULD have the chance to become a popular prep but refuses to because he/she hates to be associated with stupid teens and thus chooses friends who are somewhat odd or geeky (or normal in rare circumstances) because unlike preps, they are very nice and honest, just like themselves.
These specimen also tend to be very mature thanks to having a wide age gap between the rest of her siblings--thus making friends better with their teachers than their peers (where conversations tend to feel awkward--unless with another Ninnish).
They also tend to be over-acheivers (or so others say) that always do the hardest thing they can, and if they don't follow their own plans they tend to become very frustrated and "head-hits-wall" with themselves.
Most of the demographic are female.
"Yaoi" tends to be one of their favorite things, though they will refuse to admit it even if the evidence is threatening to crush them into liquid carbon, nitrogren, hydrogen, and oxygen.
They also tend to be very over-obsessive fangirls.
Sometimes a bit *slow* and naive.
Finally, they prefer to be on the one "on top" and very dominating (both academically and... suggestively.)

(adj)Characteristic of the above.

-Also used as a nickname along with: Jessish, Quinnish, or any other name plus "-ish"
1)Friend: "Hey Ninnish! I love the exploding penguin mugs you gave me!"
Ninnish: "They're not exploding! That's just the tissue paper!"

2)Friend:"Don't be so ninnish! It's bad for your health!!!"
Ninnish: *pouts* "I-I know, I know! ...But I have to do this really complex and over-achieving assignment first."
Friend: *gives look*
Ninnish: "IT'S NOT MY FAULT! ...I can't help it."

3)Friend: "OMG, NINNISH! You got into Harvard?!?!"
Ninnish: "Yeah... Omg, YEAH! I did! Holy crap, I can't believe it! My biggest dreams have come true! It's a miracle!"
Friend: "No it's not, you're just brilliant!"
Nicolette: "NO I'M NOT. SHUT UP!" *stomps away blushing*
by TheNinnish January 10, 2009
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