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1. noun. Any one who is both a ninja and an assassin. Those aforementioned must be incredibly bad-ass (see tags) and kill a yak from up to 500 yards away... with mind bullets. They're also probably Asian, Black or (rarely) American. If they are American they must have some way of showing of they're badassittude at all times. (i.e. a tattoo of a pretty butterfly) Last, and most importantly, to be a certified ninjassasin one must carry an arbitrary number of weapons (Lets say 12 not including their fists) on their person at all times.
Person Numba 1: Yo, did you play Assasin's Creed lat night?
Henchman #4: Yeah man, that guy is such a ninjassasin!
Bystander 3: What the hell is a ninjassasin?
Thug: Go look it up on Urban Dictionary.
by Space Pope I17 January 20, 2010
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