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A Ninjagian is a person who’s obsessed with the Lego Ninja from Ninjago. Ninjagians can be both fangirls and fanboys of the show.

The show is about five guys in colourful ninja suits, who have to save all of Ninjago from evil. The ninja have somewhat control over one element each, except the green one who can use all the elements. There were originally four ninja; Cole (the Black ninja of Earth), Jay (the Blue Ninja of Lightning), Zane (the White Ninja of Ice) and Kai (the Red Ninja of Fire). Keep in mind that we’re not talking about their skin colour, okay? All of them are yellow. The Green ninja is also known as Lloyd, and is the youngest or maybe not… It’s complicated. They have to fight living skeletons, snake-like people, evil nindroids and the Overlord. Overlord is some douchebag, who needs Lloyd’s golden powers to do something evil whatsoever. The show is complicated, so just watch it!

Anyway, the Ninjagians are crazy, yet creative people who obsess over Lego Ninja. They make lots of rad fanart, gifs and fanfics. However, many fanfics are written by Wannabe-Ninjagians who write about their amazing OCs instead of focusing on the canon stuff..

All in all, the Ninjagians is a powerful people who’s willing to destroy anyone (any show) that is going to replace their dearest show. This is not someone you wanna mess around with, because of their elemental powers of creativity and witty puns are too much for ordinary people. Ninjagians are Ninja, just way more dangerous..
Ninjagian: OH LOOK! It's blue! It reminds me of Jay!
Non-Ninjagian: Jay?
Ninjagian: YEAH! He's the ninja of lightning, and Nya's boyfriend. He's also an inventor, who also does some model building, dabbles in poetry, cooks and lots of other things. He also talks a lot, and grew up in a Junkyard. And (Talks a lot more about Jay and the show, due to Jay's influence on people. He makes them talk waaaaay too much, and crack lots of puns and jokes..)
by MontyMon March 17, 2014
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