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A state of absolute bliss and happiness, coined by Panic (formerly !) at the Disco in their song "Nine in the Afternoon". Also known as getting high off of life.
"You know what James, it's nine in the afternoon!"
"Dude it's 10 in the morning"
by dacalpha September 21, 2008
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The panic at the disco song with a hidden meaning.
"feeling unique"... your eyes are the size of the moon.. feeling so good just the way that we do when its nine in the afternoon.... just a few lyrics from the song as describing being high, which they were while writing this song.
we know this because pete wentz stated "when they were writing the song they called me.. its was like 4 in the morning but i was laughing because they were all retarded... and the reason wasn't exactly legal."
man we had alot of fun at nine in the afternoon
by hanna p-slizzle May 18, 2008
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