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A wonderful peacock superhero that is fond of the color green, shoots radiation out of her eyeballs, and weapon is a giant bazooka. She was formed in 2010 when an art project went terribly wrong. She is normally around her partner and best friend known as Wingmime. They live under super amazing identities. She has extremely curly hair as well. You'll never know she truly is unless you hear her and Wingmime break into their theme song at any given place and time for laughs. They're also known for swooshing their own capes, and prancing down the road. They're based in Texas, but are known for being in New Mexico and Oklahoma too.
EX: Nimbussir and Wingmine! Dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnn!

EX: Nimbussir: Here we come to save the day!

Wingmime: Swooooshie-shwoooooooooooosh!
by Wingmime January 02, 2012
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