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A Hole in which the Urethra can sucessfull excrete urinary fluics through. The urethra is on the inside and the urine comes out through a smallish hole about the circumphrance of your pinky.
Not everyone has a nil hole. A nil hole is oonly for those who are lacking either male or female genetals. This person does not have a male or female sex, because they are classifeid as a nil. Nils are extremely rare and only about 1 out of 500,000 can be found.
A nill hole can become infected from time to time. Generally a scabby rash forms on the inside of the urethra. The scab colours range from bright red, to orange to yellow and occasionally green, blue or even purple. When the scabs turn andy of the last three colour mentioned, the person should be rushed to the hospital immediately.
As to decrease the risk of infections, a nil hole should be cleaned with a small paintbrush. The paint brush should have VixVaporRub™ and rubbing alchohol on it. This should decrease the risk of infection by about 3/4. Although it is not to say that an ifection will never occor. Many nils suffer from a mild rash about 13-14 months or so.
I met a person who was a nil before. The yeven let me see their nil hole.
by Shavra34345 March 17, 2007
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