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A very sexy but passionate guy. Niko has a really huge ego, and is selfish in many ways. He is known to have a really great body with huge arms. he also has a very cute smile. Many girls consider niko to be extremely hot or very cute. Niko is also one of the funniest people anyone would ever encounter in life because he does things normal people wouldn't even consider. Many guys hate on niko because he have qualities that they dont have. A natural born leader, Knows how to protect people he really loves. Legend has it that niko will meet 2 girls in his life that will have an impact on him, he would then tell the girl that she will be his future wife someday to symbolize how special she really is! Niko is gifted with so many God given talents
That guy is really a Niko Mondy
by Myth dictionary August 11, 2012
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