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Nike Wife. This is a woman who is educated and married, but does not work, who lives off of their rich husbands. Typically blonde or good looking, very fit and always with a pony tail, wearing her gym clothes everywhere, especially with yoga pants. Everything is name brand - mostly Nike. They drive expensive cars, usually Land Rovers and always have expensive watches and purses. Their common goal is to workout, go shopping or lunch with girlfriends while the husband is at work slaving away. They consider what he buys, as hers... yet she has no income to invest in anything. She is all about "my husband is rich and I don't have to work, but I'll workout just to keep him!" These women usually brag on Facebook about their workouts and what they own. They also have good looking personal trainers for even more validation.

They also may be called a Nike Mom if they have kids. But their kids are well out of daycare at this point. (meaning the bitch should get a job).
I spy a Nike Wife at Nordstrom shopping in her gym clothes.
by Be real! September 19, 2013
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