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1. a lightning-fast, vicious, dark-black, reptile-skined, fish-loving dragon which shoots orbs of lightning to set objects on fire (n.)
2. one of the main characters in Dreamwork's How to Train Your Dragon who is befriended by a boy named Hiccup (n.)
1. Last night, I saw a Nightfury fly over the stars. It was AMAZING!
2. Nightfury was so cute in Dreamwork's How to Train Your Dragon!
by Speady123 June 26, 2010
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A dragon species in the franchise How To Train Your Dragon. The Night Fury is a Strike class dragon. There is only one known to exist which is Toothless.

Class: Strike

Fire type: is acetylene and oxygen-shaped plasma charges.

Abilities: Dive bombing, Echolocation, Splitting spines for better manoeuvrability, Blending in with the night sky

Weight: 1776 lbs (805.6 kg)

Wingspan: 48 feet (14.6 meters)

Features: Ear-like appendages, Nubs and tendrils protruding from head, Secondary wings, Tail fins, Retractable teeth

Colours: Jet Black with lighter spots

Diet: Fish and Beef

Habitat: Unknown

Trainable: Yes


Attack: 15

Speed: 20
Armour: 18
Firepower: 14
Shot Limit: 6

Venom: 0

Jaw Strength: 6

Stealth: 18
Human 1: What species is Toothless?

Human 2: Night Fury duh.
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