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1. a lightning-fast, vicious, dark-black, reptile-skined, fish-loving dragon which shoots orbs of lightning to set objects on fire (n.)
2. one of the main characters in Dreamwork's How to Train Your Dragon who is befriended by a boy named Hiccup (n.)
1. Last night, I saw a Nightfury fly over the stars. It was AMAZING!
2. Nightfury was so cute in Dreamwork's How to Train Your Dragon!
by Speady123 June 26, 2010
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A dragon species in the franchise How To Train Your Dragon. The Night Fury is a Strike class dragon. There is only one known to exist which is Toothless.

Class: Strike

Fire type: is acetylene and oxygen-shaped plasma charges.

Abilities: Dive bombing, Echolocation, Splitting spines for better manoeuvrability, Blending in with the night sky

Weight: 1776 lbs (805.6 kg)

Wingspan: 48 feet (14.6 meters)

Features: Ear-like appendages, Nubs and tendrils protruding from head, Secondary wings, Tail fins, Retractable teeth

Colours: Jet Black with lighter spots

Diet: Fish and Beef

Habitat: Unknown

Trainable: Yes


Attack: 15

Speed: 20
Armour: 18
Firepower: 14
Shot Limit: 6

Venom: 0

Jaw Strength: 6

Stealth: 18
Human 1: What species is Toothless?

Human 2: Night Fury duh.
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The night fury is a dragon from the movie franchise How To Train Your Dragon. Only one of them actually exist and it is the main character’s best friend. They are black and rather small in comparison to many other dragons. They have a huge winspan and have green eyes. Their attacks are plasma balls which light up the night sky when shot. They have stunning accuracy and are also extremely intelligent
Where’d ya get that Night fury?

Oh, I just found him down Raven Peak.
by StarCutie27 November 27, 2018
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During a gang bang, participants turn off the lights and ejaculate on the single (or multiple) women as if it is coming from all angles. Similar to the nightfury in DreamWorks “How to Train Your Dragon” attacking. It is also necessary to scream “night fury, get down!” during the ceremony
Boys, let’s go night fury my girl,
by Christ on the cross October 18, 2018
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