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A shitty "dance party" that travels around the Midwest suckering little Midwestern kids who have never been to a real night club into thinking they are going to a real one, when in reality they hired some fag who just got fired from McDonald's to show up and run a CD player.
The only "dancing" that happens here is girls who think they are sluts grinding on guys who think they are hot fucking shit. Recently, a fight broke out at a Night Storm in Madison, WI, most likely canceling their future stops in Madison.
Being 17 myself, I am disgusted by this place, and it kills me every time i see so and so and 2984 other friends are attending Night Storm on Facebook. How you can be stupid enough to pay to see this shit is beyond me.
-Hey do you want to head out to Night Storm tonight?
-Are you fucking retarded?
by The Guy Who Invented Ice December 23, 2010
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A nightmare and wet dream in equal measure. When you have scary hot sex during your dream you ejaculate creating 'nightstorm'.
I had a nightstorm last night, it was epic.
by thisismyudpseudonym December 07, 2011
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A great free source for bots, codes and servers.
NS can you...<insert request>?
by parx0r April 24, 2004
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