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Something like nigger, or niggerfull. Something overflowing with Niggerness. Almost anything haveing to do with niggers really. Also can be and adverb such as Sandniggertastic.
Awesome Nazi:"Hey Adolf dont eat that FRIED CHICKEN, its niggertastic."

Nigger:"Lets go get some PURPLE DRANK."
Respectable White man:"No, thats Niggertastic, stupid nigger. Go back to picking the cotton!"
by The Amazing American Nazi February 19, 2011
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The equivalence of saying fantastic, sarcastically, for black people.


When a black person takes advantage of a white persons misfortunes.
Matt- " O shit son son, I'm hungry!"
Kevin- "Werd nigga, how about some Wendys?"
Matt- " That sounds Niggertastic!"

Whoa, That Negro just pushed Timmy down that well and dropped his wallet, son son. Thats Niggertastic.
by H22 Prelude October 16, 2007
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